Episode 27: Tamsen and Dan Read the Paper

August 2, 2017

Family Podcast from Block Island, Rhode Island!  Backstage at Groundhog Day with Barrett Doss. The self-cleaning house (and why it didn't catch on).  Book-related vacation pursuits.  Remembering Martin Landau and celebrating the mature lifeguard.  How the Times recognized the extraordinary achievements of Mrs. George Putnam.  And what Amelia Earhart had to say about that!


Talent:  Tamsen Granger and Dan Abuhoff

Special Guests:  Sadie Abuhoff, Granger Abuhoff, Nicolle Jasbon, Zeke Abuhoff and Noel Bourg

Engineer:  Ellie Suttmeier

Art:  Zeke Abuhoff


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